Kelly Braffet is the real deal. SAVE YOURSELF is an electrifying, tomahawk missile of a thriller with honest-to-God people at its core. It rocks the house.

Dennis Lehane, author of LIVE BY NIGHT
Save Yourself, a novel by Kelly Braffet

Save Yourself

A novel by Kelly Braffet

Patrick Cusimano is in a bad way. His father is in jail; he works the midnight shift at a grubby convenience store; and his brother’s girlfriend, Caro, has taken their friendship to an uncomfortable new level. On top of all that, he can’t quite shake the attentions of Layla Elshere, a goth teenager who befriends Patrick for reasons he doesn’t understand, and doesn’t fully trust. The temptations these two women offer are pushing Patrick to his breaking point.

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  • Save Yourself is an astonishing, fully-realized tale of two families struggling to communicate through layers of trauma, written with a steady, careful hand. Kelly Braffet isn’t afraid of dark places–Save Yourself goes deep into the hidden and shameful parts of grief, love, and anger, and the reader emerges shaken and grateful on the far end. It’s a lacerating read, and proves that Braffet is a writer in full command of her many, many talents.
    Emma Straub, author of Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures