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Last Seen Leaving
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As she did in her darkly thrilling debut, Josie and Jack, Kelly Braffet again explores the often ambiguous nature of love and danger in a riveting novel of suspense. When twenty-something drifter Miranda Cassidy wrecks her car one night on the way home from a bar, she seizes the accident as an opportunity to reinvent her life. Hitching a ride with a mysterious stranger, she finds quick work and a fresh start hundreds of miles away in an oceanside vacation town. She doesn’t look back, figuring no one is going to miss her. But when her mother finds no forwarding address, she senses something terrible has happened. The memory of the tragic disappearance of Miranda’s father years before and the force of long-buried emotions drive her on a frantic quest to find her daughter, no matter what the cost.

Praise for Kelly Braffet

Braffet’s prose is suspenseful and heartfelt, making Last Seen Leaving an engrossing portrayal of one dysfunctional family cast into tragedy.


What makes this thriller exhilarating is the unexpected strength a clueless but determined mother finds in herself and how much the reader comes to care about her difficult daughter. Each is a missing person well worth finding.


{Braffet’s} skillful portrayal of unresolved grief and shattered relationships lends sensitivity to this solidly crafted and compelling sophomore effort, which will secure the author’s place as a novelist of note.


It is a story about the fragility of relationships as well as the secrets we keep and the lies we tell ourselves to get us through the pain of love and loss.


Don’t read Kelly’s Braffet’s new novel before bed, or else you’ll never fall asleep. It’s about a young woman named Miranda who survives a car crash, then disappears. When Miranda’s estranged mom finally checks in on her daughter, a crazy chain of events begins that’ll make you appreciate how your mom calls five times a day to see how you’re doing. Promise.

JANE MAGAZINE “Books Worthy of Your Cocktail Chatter”

A taut, edgy tale about a twenty-something drifter who gets in over her head when she accepts a ride from a stranger…… Brainy, quirky, and bold, this is anything but your grandma’s cozy mystery novel.

ELLE MAGAZINE November Book Club pick

Braffet’s eerie writing will have you hearing footsteps and seeing shadows. Be prepared to contemplate these characters’ fates long after you’ve passed the book on to friends.


Two women in crisis learn important lessons about “life and death and the nature of love” in Braffet’s brilliant second novel … Fluid prose, vivid characters and suspenseful twists lead to a hopeful denouement.


fast paced and enjoyable.

USA Today

Braffet, in her frequently gripping sophomore effort (after 2005’s gothic “Josie and Jack”), creates atmosphere and builds tension like a seasoned pro.


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